Trading Contest on 3 Exchanges -




  • Sandman 303


    Volume: 100 353 METM @

    Great platform and anticipating V2!
    All the best 2 Metamorph!!!

  • SteveN

    Unfortunately I had some problems with your platform in the end. It wasn't possible to fill an order (insufficent funds error) nor to create an order (same error - insufficent funds), although I had and have 20 000 METM in my wallet. Therefore I would have reached the needed trading volume of 100 000 METM on your platform, but wasn't able because of the obstructive error messages...

    Volume until illogical error messages appeared : 65 005

    Address: 0xda06F39E20d3cE90A03c66Af4F012cdEb2e40AB0

  • Helena


    Hello, here is screenshot that shows 105329,06 METM traded.
    My address is: 0x4Cb37f87D5217C61F700F1E0ee0819728329c826

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